High Performing Charter School Boards
Lead to High Performing Charter Schools.

Charter School Board Meetings

Effective processes to access and manage charter school board meetings and materials

  • Scheduling
  • Board Meeting Materials
  • Communication

Charter School Board Annual Cycle

Effective tools for obtaining feedback and retaining charter school board documentation

  • Surveys
  • Policies
  • Handbooks

Charter School Board Development

Effective strategies to orient, educate and work with charter school board members

  • Board Education
  • Board Orientation
  • Committee Work

My Board Butler, LLC offers tools necessary to ensure
effective charter school governance by all associated roles.

Charter School Boards –
organized information accessible when needed by its Members

  • One easy-to-use online portal for all board meeting materials, communications and documents
  • Calendar options with rsvp and email notifications
  • Built-in surveys, risk management and compliance safeguards, such as conflict of interest disclosure forms
  • Access to all board documents via website portal, tablets like iPads or phone apps, anytime and anywhere
  • Searchable libraries to retain board meeting and committee meeting work
  • Secure electronic signatures for signing off on minutes

Charter School Leadership and Management –
access to board meeting administration made easy

  • An intuitive agenda and board book builder that accommodates annotations, revisions and last-minute additions
  • One-click meeting scheduling through a centralized portal
  • Drag and drop document uploads to board portal locations
  • Easy Email distribution of agendas and materials
  • Online tracking of board member tasks, roles and responsibilities
  • Unlimited archive storage, organized for annual and ad hoc audits

Charter School Authorizers and Sponsors –
obtain permission to view policies and approvals without delay

  • Inclusion to board scheduling and meeting material distributions
  • Features that foster sustainable systems and good governance, like built-in conflict of interest disclosures and one-click education materials that ramp up onboarding
  • Robust, searchable directories and profiles for sharper board training and development
  • Online evaluation surveys for tracking engagement, effectiveness and overall results against the organizational mission
  • Searchable libraries that streamline the storage and distribution and access permissions of important documents

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